Special Hauling and Transportation


Lisi’s Towing Service provides the Northeast with heavy, over-dimensional, and specialized hauling services. Whatever you need to move, Lisi’s has done it before. Lisi’s has moved boilers, tanks, mechanical assemblies, transformers, generators, aircraft, construction materials, all types and sizes of construction equipment, trailers, mobile and modular homes, buildings, and many other kinds of loads.

Special Hauling and Transportation Vehicles and Equipment

Lisi’s inventory of tractors and specialized hydraulic trailers are capable of meeting the highway, road, and bridge formulas for the Northeast, and we specialize in New York City night moves. All drivers are trained in the latest cargo-securement rules and complete each assignment in a safe and professional manner.

Lisi’s Towing Service offers support services to assist with assembly/disassembly of rigging and crane service to load/unload company and customer’s trailers. Whatever your transportation needs are, the people at Lisi’s will deliver innovative solutions for the challenges of transporting heavy, over-dimensional loads throughout the Northeast. 

Our operations manager led a crew on Tuesday night of 9/11. Friday and Sunday he helped to deliver and put together the heavy excavators needed to move steel, as well as the special scissor-like devices used to cut steel.

Lisi’s Towing Service vehicles and equipment is used on a wide variety of special hauling and transportation projects.